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11: Oggs

Seeing as I just accidentally ate a Turkey sandwich, courtesy of Pret-a-bloody manger, a store who you think might be extremely careful about the way they label their food considering recent developments, and that’s put me in a pretty foul (don’t) mood, I thought I’d have a nice cleanse by having a vegan pie.

To be clear, my sandwich itself was not mislabelled, the ingredients list, on a sticker in 4 point text explicitly listed it as a Christmas turkey dinner, but the packaging itself just had Christmas doodles all over it, and it definitely came from the vegetarian Christmas section, because I checked twice. Bah. Also humbug.


So, a cleanse! Oggs, “vegan-friendly” (again, what does that actually mean) hand made pie. Certainly looks handmade, and handsome, in a rugged outdoorsy kind of way. Chunky golden pie crust, dusted with powdered sugar. Really good, actually no, make that great, crumb to it. Cannot emphasis enough how tricksy vegan pastry can be to get right, and how often it lets down any bakery fun. This is perfect, crunchy and crumbly, lovely flavour, you’d honestly have no idea it was vegan. Top marks.

Another pack of four too, extra marks there, increasingly welcome at this point in the tournament

Filling? It’s fine. Quite jammy, strong lean toward the citrus, verging on lemony. Occasional piece of fruit. Does the job well, without anything too baroque happening. Unlike my sandwich, delivered exactly what it claimed it was going to on the signage.