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13: M&S

After yesterday’s antics it’s time to dial it way back to normality.

This is pretty close to default I think. All butter, because what isn’t, at this time of year, but even the label is boasting about classic mincemeat. Nobody goes to M&S looking to start a revolution.


Some days though, today was definitely one of them, you don’t want a revolution, you want something comforting, familiar. There is a little peephole star aperture in the lid, but it’s only a few millimetres, this is definitely a true pie.

The pie is hardly plain, the golden butter pastry is crumbly, slightly astringent and yields to a generous filling which is basically all black sticky Christmas essence positively crammed with raisins. Everything here is statement quality ingredients and no surprises, just a classic recipe followed to the limit. Nobody would be disappointed to receive one of these on Christmas Day. Except a vegan. Do they make vegan Baileys?