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15: Puffed

After yesterday’s frights let’s run back down to the safety of Marks and Sparks. Not too safe though. It’s our first appearance of puff pastry. Hold onto your Santa hats.


All butter puff pastry mince pies. No mincing words. They’re beauties. Golden brown. Glazed sugar crust. Flaky, extremely buttery pastry, satisfyingly thick. A thick nugget of mincemeat filling, stuffed with generously plump raisins. I don’t have any of the other M&S pies left to compare them with (blush), but from memory I’d say it’s identical. Once again, M&S have stuck is safe, straight down the middle, and executed perfectly.

These are bloody great. For the first time in the series, I’m tempted to try and heat one of them up. I could quite easily eat a box of these straight. Perhaps two.