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16: Waitrose vegan

Back to Waitrose, and this time we’re vegan. This one is going to be a bit of a short entry, because I’m afraid that seems to be having a couple of small technical issues.

I had planned to go for something a little more outrageous today, but I only noticed at the final moment that that particular batch required cooking, and it’s too late for that kind of labour.


So here we are. No Heston. No dairy or egg. A lovely green shade to the box. The blurb promises cranberries, which is a nice touch. There is a star cut in the lid and no powder top.

The pie is a bit undersized I think. The pastry is of the less good vegan kind, there’s a bit too much crumble and it’s faintly oily. Filling is OK. I don’t find any cranberry, but there is some peel, and nothing too nonsensical to the spice profile. It’s not amazing, I think I’d expect more from Waitrose, but it’s perfectly fine.