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17: Brandy Butter?

Look at these beauties! These come from Wilmshurst bakery in Wingham, via our local regional produce shop.


According to the label they are brandy butter mince pies, and we can see a piped knob of something creamy sat there under the miniature pie lid. Firmly back in the non-vegan bracket

The construction is unusual. The bottom half is very flat and open, basically a jam tart profile. Then we have the brandy butter whirl, and on top of that the pie crust lid. Everything dusted with copious amounts of powdered icing sugar.


It’s quite a tricky eat. The pastry is very crumbly, the powdered sugar fallout is intense. I was expecting a big hit of brandy, or brandy essence, but that doesn’t happen.

The butter is buttercream really, extremely sweet, topped with the sugar powder, it’s all immediate sugar bombs, abruptly undercut by the severe tartness of the mincemeat layer, which is profound, but wonderful. Chunky fruit pieces, decent pastry crumble, it’s a very winning entry indeed.