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19: Tropicana

After that last entry, why not keep things weird. It’s been a long while since we last sampled J Sainsbury, all the way back to day one, unless I’m mistaken. This time we are in their fancy aisle, it’s time for “taste the difference”

They’re certainly going for different.


Cherry rum and coconut mince pies with Morello Glacé cherries. Quite a line up. Rum and coconut makes me think Caribbean, immediately, but dark cherry just mean Black Forest to me. It sounds like a workable combination although I’m curious where the mincemeat part fits in here. Also, we’re back to weird crumble topping it seems, unsure this is exactly a pie. I suspect this recipe is following precisely no tradition or precedent, J S is just zagging off on their own weird path of inspiration. As you know, here at we applaud this kind of wild maverick baking. I’m quite excited to try this.

OK, definitely not a pie. Thick crust, open top, basically an enormously deep mini tart. The crimping around the edge puts me in mind of an egg custard. The top sprinkling, on a closer inspection is toasted shaved coconut. I can smell the cherry, and I can smell the rum. Still promising.

It tastes absolutely fucking fantastic. This is a genius confection. Pastry surprisingly sweet, the morello cherry and rum combination zings deep marzipan, the coconut offsets it beautifully, the whole thing is deep and dark and delicious and I immediately want a second. A blinding success. I’d happily place this top three, aside from the small wrinkle that this really is barely a mince pie. I possibly noticed a cranberry or two on my way through, there could have been raisins, but this delicious monster is hardly even christmas themed, aside from the packaging, I think it’s a little too far from the spec to be a true champion

Highly recommend this treat, nonetheless. Just wear extra tinsel while you eat it.