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21: FML

Fudge Mince-pie Lunacy. Yup. Still in Bristol, wandering through the city centre, through one of the multiple Christmas markets, I spied me some mince pie fudge. That’s a strong yes for todays blog I said to myself, and bought three pieces. Which cost eight quid, naturally.

Sadly, the product itself is a strong nope. In principle I think I could probably get behind this, in a rum and raisin, strong vanilla butter kind of a way, just add some winter spice and cookie dough, and you’re there. This fudge is nothing of the sort, it’s perfectly fine tourist trap sugar fudge, with bits in. Theoretically, the bits are bits of mince pie I guess. You cannot really taste any of it however. It tastes of fudge, with too much fake cinnamon, adding an almost menthol sub-taste.

It looks real pretty though, and was too fun to pass up. Have a photo.