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22: Harvey Nicks

Small, but beautifully turned out. Given that I’ve travelled all across the UK today before I could process this entry, and it”s been a very long day as a result, this post will follow the theme. Small and well turned out it shall be.


Yes we”re back in the land of the miniature pie. It’s a little gift set of beautifully turned out mini pies from increasingly anachronistic posh department store Harvey Nichols. Not a place I shop very often. Four different pies in a row. Trad, Ginger, Rum and Amaretto.

They look pretty hand made there is a pleasing irregular look to the pie crust, particularly on the bases. Once again, the ratios are all out, there’s about as much pastry as filling by volume. These though have astonishingly light short pastry, it’s almost like cake. It melts away and the modest, smooth fillings deliver a short intense flavour hit. The trad is strongly tart, I didn’t notice the rum, the ginger and the amaretto are lovely.

These work very well. It’s a great balance, delivering on the novelty and the treat simultaneously. Impressive, and while clearly overpriced, I’ll just note they cost less than the fudge.