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23: What the fuck is frangipane?

I mean I could look it up, but why spoil a great headline? We’ve made it all the way to Christmas Eve eve, and we’ve back to pushing boundaries with J Sainsbury and their taste of the different.


I really liked the cherry coconut rum punch entry, although it wasn’t really a mince pie. Unsurprisingly, these guys are pretty lush, but also quite far off course. Buttery almond topping, blares the top of the packaging, and that fair gives the game away. Soft almond cake, over a tiny line of mincemeat in a pastry crust. It’s a Bakewell basically, sans icing, and with a weird bounce into “why did I briefly taste mince pie?” as you bottom out. It’s actually pretty good. Sainsbury are really winning the field in the “bored of mince pies I need to show off” competition.

A perfectly nice way to slide into the final days of this misguided project. Could have done with a cup of tea to wash it down with perhaps, rather than the Campari I went with, but when in Rome.