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6: Tiny Theatre pie

Well, today was extraordinarily busy. For quite a large chunk of it, I didn't have any kind of pie lined up. OK, not entirely true, I did eat the last two from yesterday's box of Greggs' but that's not particularly helpful for today's entry.

I did eventually manage to schedule a shopping trip routed inbetween other numerous errands, and thus I do have some supplies in hand, but then later in the evening, serendipity played a hand. I was attending a theatrical performance, as part of the town's 'living advent calendar', at Folkestone's Quarterhouse Art's centre. It was so oversubscribed, they closed the line just as I got to the front of the queue and I was punted to a second repeat showing.

Luckily there's a bar upstairs (in an imaginary cathedral of mirrors) and I nicked off up there for a cheeky half to wait my appointed set. And lucky old me, they were selling tiny mince pies, and I was very generously bought one by a kindly, yet mysterious, benefactor. Score!


It was actually very tiny, and suffered from the typical problem of minituarised snacks - the ratios were a little out of whack. Proportionally we end up with way too much crust to filling, and the pie crust (clearly very much non-Vegan oops, sorry, it's Christmas, did I mention?) entirely dominates the whole experience. Which was fine. The element of luck, the exciting setting, and the cuteness of the teeny tiny pie added up to an overall charming experience, that I'm very happy to add to the collection. Cheers!